Never jammed?? Start here 


Ok it’s been a long while since I posted.. life, business and writers block prevented me from posting. But I’m back. And I want to talk about the fear of trying something new and different. 

Why do we fear the unknown? Especially if it’s a new concept or product? Is it due to the thought of dislike? Or maybe it’s the thought of being disappointed in something you thought would be awesome? 

I totally think that’s 2 things that have crossed my mind in the past. And I do mean PAST.. back in 2015, 2 years ago on the 15th September, I smashed that barrier. I had the worst fear of failure to starting Jamberry nails. 

There was a list as long as my arm why Jamberry wasn’t going to be a good business for me, to start with I had NO fingernails!! Yep 25yrs of bitting my nails, I was horrible at painting my nails and even if I did do them I would pick it all off before day 2. 

But the one thing I was totally in love with was the concept of a nail sticker that required no dry time or chipping. No painting or waiting, SAY WHAT!!! That was totally up my ally, 2 crazy little boys; I had no time to wait for nail polish to dry. 

So I jumped, I said yep sign me up when Jamberry launched in Australia. I smashed that fear barrier and just thought what the hell, these are amazing. I was a stay at home mum and I wanted to earn a little extra money for our family. 

The day my first set of wraps arrived in the mail, a sample pack from my sponsor michelle, I was so excited I just couldn’t wait to try them. Fast forward 2 yrs now, no longer a nail biter and I’m shocked at how that one moment of overcoming my fears, has bettered my life. I’m now a team manager with Jamberry, have a team of 184 consultants and I DONT sell to ppl. I just share my love of Jamberry. I have so many new friends all around the world. 

These little babies now take me 20 mins to apply and I can go on with my daily tasks straight away. Just heat, apply pressure, file and your good to go. No nasty chemicals, vegan, not tested on animals, even recyclable ♻️ amazing right. I don’t need to find someone to look after my boys so I can go to the salon. I can do it all from home at fraction of the price, safely. 

I wonder where these stickers will take me in 5 years?  Disney world holiday sounds good lol. If you would like to learn more about this awesome nail wrap go to. My Jamberry store


Time to turn a leaf 


My job requires me to be motivated and positive. To lead and build my empire. Which for me as a FIFO wife can be really hard. I have 2 little boys I raise 24/7, 10 days of a fortnight by myself. Yesterday I decided I needed to make a change. I needed to turn a LEAF🍃

 I’m so tiered, cranky, sick, rundown  and I’m not putting in 💯. I want to be successful; I want to be a great mum, wife, daughter, sister, friend, team manager and jamsista… and one day ELITE EXECUTIVE in my business. So yesterday I made a decision to start eating healthy, routine exercise and trying to put more systems into place. 

This week will be an adjustment and a big change but I need to make it work. I need to wake up each morning an NOT be tiered. When you work from home like I do, everything falls back on you. You haven’t got a boss to tell you when to start and finish during the day. Nobody is looking over your shoulder making sure your doing your work. It’s up to me, I need to put in the full time hours to get the full time income. I’m hoping the leaf turning will help bring back motivated meg. #bossbabe #megajams #dreambig #buildmyempire #fifowife #supermum 

Just a little chop 


This may sound stupid but I’m ganna  say it anyway… 


Does getting your hair done give you confidence, help you when you need it, feel like you have been on a holiday??? 

Well this week for me it really feels that way. I decided on tuesday morning I needed change, i decided to chop my hair off, “just cut it all off”. Now to put it into proper context I didn’t shave my head ‘do a brittney’. But I did go really short, above ears from past shoulder length hair. 

I know this may seem like a silly blog but I have made a few big changes this week and I am starting to think my hair change started a domino effect. The hairdresser checked a few times before she finally cut it all off and I think the turning point for her was my saying “nope, not enough just cut it all off.” I swear her eyes lit up like she was on an adventure or something. 

I do think a change in your appearance can help you make hard steps or give you a boost. This week it’s helped me, thank you to the lovely hair dresser at void 🙂 and a big shout out to all you lovely hair dressers, good job.. 


Am I doing this right???? 


Second baby in and I’m still constantly asking myself “Sh*t am I doing this right?”, “did I just say that”, “why is this so hard”, “how did my mum do this” “am I a bad mother??” I could keep going but I won’t. 

Everyday I learn a new lesson, some good ones,  some bad. Lately it feels more bad lessons, like, don’t turn your back from a crawling baby for more then 1 second. They are tricky little tikes. Having two children has changed many little things in our lifes. My 4yr old’s especially, he now has to try to share. It’s a hard thing to learn but time and guidance will help, I hope. 

I wonder if as parents we put to much pressure on ourselves. Always wondering what others will think or if we are screwing something up or if we can’t give our children the best future. 

So many things in life are hard and make me, you worry. But I think taking a deep breath,  stopping and remembering to keep calm mumma/dadda because those babies love you 

💜 M 

Funny little fella 


today my lil 3 yr was crying ran into the room I was in and said he hurt his willy on the stair. My reply was are you ok, how about we put some jocks on to help and maybe you won’t get hurt again. His reply was “no way mumma. I need a piece of chocolate to make it better.” I couldn’t help but giggle. My boy is dairy free and the chic he gets its sugar and dairy free (tastes gross but he knows no different). I said ok just one piece. He then proceeded to give me a hug an say “your a good boy mum. Lol I tell ta the things he comes up with just gotta life 🍫💙m



Do you cram? Cram in as much as you can each day? Are you guilty of not paying attention to the small things in life? 

 I am.. This is me above, exchange the cat for two dogs, the baby girl for a baby boy and you have a match. Looking after my two boys, house, life and trying to build my business feels like a juggling act for sure. Here are some of my ideas for less cramming and more feel time to smell the roses 🌹🌹🌹🌹

  1. Have a plan – plan for the day ahead, don’t wing it. 
  2. Set goals you want to achieve – don’t try to over achieve, set smart, healthy goals that take into account the people that matter most. 
  3. Have a routine – I’m not talking strict routine, a rough timeline when things should happen during the day. For example mine is based around my children’s sleep, meals, afternoon play in the yard, bath times and the eldest two favourite TV shows at 5pm lol, (that can’t be missed). 
  4. Be organised – I’m a list maker. I find it helps me stay organised and on track. I may have 4 lists going at busy times but it works for me. 
  5. Take time – take time for yourself, I try not to work weekends so this is my down time. We all need to recharge. 
  6. Enjoy it – don’t let the small things get you down, you may miss something good. Enjoy what you do and it makes everything that bit easier. 
  7. Stress less – lastly if you find you are stressing, STOP… COME BACK LATER. 

Hope this helps someone, take time to smell the 🌹. 

❤️ M

Creative Roll


I’ve been so occupied with my Megacrafty business I haven’t really been writing much. My books I am writing haven’t been touched in weeks. I know this creative craft bug will fade soon and the writing bug will start up again. My little teething creation is doing well, getting some interest. Made a few for different clients  and have a few orders at the moment . 

My only problem is I need more time. I want to do it all. Be an awesome & fun stay home mum, a from scratch cooking mumma, Megacrafty creative queen, sexy smart novelist, throw in the house work, being home mon to fri with hubby away FIFO, groceries and all the other stuff, soon playgroup, my mind is going to pop. I just want to do it all.

But my writing is getting the short straw. I’m finding that at night I’m sitting up playing games rather then writing, I just don’t have the energy for it at the moment, writers block or writers procrastination,  really, sucks. Anyone got any good tips? I need to just shut up an write, get back into the story. It’s just so hard when I have so many other things in my mind, I can’t think or concentrate. Come back writing bug, come back 🐞

💗 m


The thrill of creating something..


I had to stop today. I had to just slow down. My creative mind was running on hyperdrive and I was out of sink with the rest of my surroundings. It was like being on a bender.. A Creative bender. I had been working on my comfy suckers for days now and trying to get the right tester. Today I was determined to complete and that sent me on my bender. To the point I was so flusted my face turned red. But the end result was fantastic and the thrill from knowing I did that made it awesome. 


It’s on the same wave length as creating a great meal or a great chapter in a book. The thrill stops you dead and you think ‘wow’ I just did that. Go me. It only took me 4 samples to get it right and unpicking, unpicking, unpicking. 

Creating something is so powerful, the most wonderful creation so far has been my two beautiful boys. The thrill in seeing them for the first time was a gift I will never forget. 

I think though that sometimes I just need to slow down, appricate life, my surroundings, all the little things and stop myself from trying so hard. My lil 3yr old gave me a big hug an kiss in the middle of dinner, I just stopped, I wasn’t expecting it and I had to just let out a massive shy of tension. So much concentration and stress to finish this tester but the thrill pushed me to complete. My lil boys make it all worth it though, just need to remeber to slow down mummy. 

❤️ M 

The smallest things can be so precious.


We have recently moved a street away from the beach in coastal Queensland Australia. We had been in central Queensland for the last 2 years, meaning red dirt, hot days in summer and really cold nights. Nowhere near a beach. Pretty much surrounded by drought and dry wool fields. Now I can smell the sea from the cool breeze on my back deck. 

My 3yr old suddenly in the last 6 months has taken a big interest in the beach. But it was a good 3.5hr drive from our old home. We did the track once, he loved it but boy was it an eye opener with a 4 month old baby as well. When we told my boy we were moving to a beach house he was so excited, even enjoyed helping pack up the house. Winning. 

My home town was also coastal but I never really found myself drawn to the beach. I never really appricated it. I hated the sand getting stuck to my skin and sea lice when going into the water. I think my two big memories as a child and teen were once loosing a good pair of earrings in the surf and second getting stung by a jellyfish. I really think these two events put me off. Scared me. 

Since being in the new house though and only 5 mins walk to the beach, my guards are coming down. I am learning to the love the beach again. My boy likes it so much I really had to just suck it up. Move on. And get with it. 

In our most recent walk we took our dogs and we all went down and enjoyed the beachs offerings. Beautiful weather, crisp fresh air, lost of little baby crabs and my sons new love shells. We decided to collect a few (really didn’t get any choice) as well as a piece of washed up branch. We are now making our first sea shell wind chime. Every time we go to the beach we will collect more and add to it. Something so little can be so precious. So happy to share this project and new found joy of Mother Natures beautiful ocean with my little family. 

#beachlife 🌊  


Only takes one good idea…



 A mouse.. That’s the idea Walt Disney started with. 

Today I had an idea, it all started with my youngest (5 months) teething problems. Driving in the car with a screaming baby is not a fun past time. Really not fun any time. I had this idea of something that will hopefully help my little fella out. I won’t go into specifics of my idea called ‘COMFY SUCKER’, as its a working progress still. If you would like to see more on that stay tuned this week and check out my craft facebook page (megacrafty). 

I thought to myself whilst driving along to the crying seronaid that was breaking my heart. What great idea, why haven’t I seen that in the shop. Then I thought I can make that. I can do that, yeah let’s do it. It could be a flop or it could be my ‘Mouse’. Life would be so boring without ideas, especially if you enjoy crafts, cooking, writing, like myself. Well I jumped in, I went an bought some parts I will need to make my comfy sucker creation and I will start creating tomorrow. 

It’s funny how ideas come to formation. In the weirdest ways. I guess even a crying baby can help jog your brain. Stay true to your ideas people, see them through, you never know when you might catch your mouse. 

M ❤️